To support the use of contemplative approaches by grassroots change-makers addressing urgent community needs, Mind & Life is launching a new Contemplative Changemaking Grants program in 2022.

The Contemplative Changemaking Grants will fund small-scale, impact-oriented work undertaken by individuals, community workers, and non-profit organizations that use or ground themselves in contemplative practices to achieve real impact in people’s everyday lives. Through these grants, of up to $10,000, we seek to encourage the expansion of contemplative practices and their benefits beyond the individual and into the community. 

Priority will be given to projects led by emerging leaders in the global South, where funding can be scarce for activities and scholarship grounded in contemplative practices. We recognize that early-stage funding is critical to building the evidence-base and visibility necessary for grassroots practitioners to secure ongoing support. Priority will also be given to supporting emerging contemplative leaders as part of our efforts to increase the engagement of young adults in Mind & Life’s work.

Given the unprecedented challenges of our time, the Contemplative Changemaking Grants are a critical component of our work to “inspire action toward flourishing.” The impact of the grants—and the stories we tell—will help to generate visibility for and momentum around the role of contemplative practices in positive social change.

Who is Eligible to Apply

To be eligible for a Contemplative Changemaking Grant, the applicant must have attended the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute within the last ten years. For 2023 applications, one must have attended the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute in Garrison, NY or online in the last 10 years  (2013 – 2022), or the 2018 International Research Institute in Kyoto, Japan. (Note: European Summer Research Institute attendees are not eligible.)

 More information about the eligibility and process for application to follow.