Green Muslims will host outdoor spiritual retreats with a focus on connecting with the natural environment utilizing a Muslim perspective. The goals are twofold: 1) to facilitate an understanding that connection to nature is a connection to the Creator, and, 2) to encourage Muslims to connect with and honor nature in order to fulfill their Islamic responsibility as stewards of the earth (khalifa). The Muslim community is currently in need of spiritual healing and growth, and the earth is in dire need of love, protection, and restoration. Through this grant opportunity provided by Mind & Life Institute, Green Muslims would host outdoor spiritual gatherings exploring four different components of Islamic spiritual practice: salaam, dua, dhikr, and muraqaba. Each proposed component is practiced by Muslims and necessitates reflection, introspection and awareness of mind-body states, and contemplative prayer, all of which align with the priorities of Mind & Life Institute.

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Green Muslims is a volunteer driven 501 (C)3 organization headquartered in the metropolitan Washington DC area working to connect muslims everywhere to nature and environmental activism. We host educations, service, and outdoor recreational events and strive to serve as a bridge connecting the Muslim community with local climate action organizations.