Mind & Life Institute grants support rigorous research across a range of disciplines to investigate the human mind, as well as the psychological, physiological, behavioral, and social impact of contemplative practices. Since 2004, Mind & Life grantees have helped lay the foundations for the field of contemplative science, leading to groundbreaking insights in such areas as education and mental health.

We offer several funding mechanisms to support the work of both prominent scholars and promising young investigators. These include the Francisco J. Varela Grants, PEACE Grants, and Mind & Life Think Tanks. See our full grant history for more information and past grant recipients.

With humanity more divided than ever, our grantmaking increasingly seeks to bridge contemplation, research, and action to cultivate inner knowing and strengthen awareness of interconnection. Through our support of research-practice partnerships, we seek to promote the application of shared knowledge to real-world challenges.

**Please note that Mind & Life does not accept unsolicited proposals

Research Values and Ethics

Mind & Life grantmaking reflects our values and the premium we place on scientific rigor. The mainstreaming of mindfulness within popular culture has resulted in misleading claims about its benefits. Our research focus adheres to high standards of excellence and the pursuit of a solid evidence base.

While historically, contemplative research has been dominated by a largely racially and ethnically homogenous group of scientists, scholars, and practitioners, our grantmaking is guided by the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. We recognize that to truly understand the human mind and the impact of contemplative practices, it must be through an inclusive approach that integrates diverse perspectives and experiences.

Upcoming Grant Cycle Dates

Varela Grants


Funding decisions announced in December

Recently Awarded Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 PEACE Grants and Hanser Award!

About Mind & Life Grants

Varela Grants

Varela Grants fund rigorous examinations of contemplative techniques to provide greater insight into their application for reducing human suffering and promoting flourishing. Grants of $20,000 are awarded annually to junior researchers and scholars who have attended the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute.

PEACE Grants

PEACE Grants (of either $25,000 or $100,000) support research that examines wholesome mental qualities such as Prosociality, Empathy, Altruism, Compassion, and Ethics (PEACE) to effect change. Among these, the Samuel B. Hanser Visionary Grant funds research into the effects and mechanisms of contemplative practices on the body, mind, and spirit.

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are self-organized gatherings designed to foster insight around an area of inquiry within the contemplative sciences. Small groups—of scientists, scholars, changemakers, contemplative practitioners, and applied professionals—convene to workshop a topic with well-defined outcomes and potentially high impact.

Legacy Grants and Funding

Mind & Life grants and funding have catalyzed the interdisciplinary field of contemplative science, sparking an exponential increase in related academic research and helping launch the careers of promising young investigators.


Mind & Life also awards multiple distinctions on an annual or biennial basis: the Catherine Kerr Award for Courageous and Compassionate Science and the Mind & Life Service Award.