Mind & Life creates and curates content on critical issues for individual and collective flourishing. Our content elevates voices and shares knowledge to inform the efforts of practitioners, educators, researchers, changemakers, and others to address urgent challenges. Our perspective is uniquely cross-disciplinary and cross-generational. We are expanding our lens to become more inclusive of diverse ideas, areas of expertise, contemplative traditions, and lived experience.

The Mind & Life blog includes research updates, interviews, awards announcements, event overviews, and personal reflections.
The Mind & Life podcast explores the frontiers of contemplative science with perspectives from a multitude of backgrounds.
Mind & Life will release “Evolution of the Heart,” a 36-minute film that emerged from 2019’s “Conversations on Compassion, Interconnection, and Transformation,” on July 6.
Digital Dialogues
Digital Dialogues are interactive multimedia sites to publicly share the presentations, discussions, and resources from our Mind & Life Dialogues and Conversations.
MindRxiv is an open-access archive for research on the mind and contemplative practices, managed by Mind & Life.
Our videos feature interviews, lectures, presentations, and discussions from across our events, including the Mind & Life Dialogues.
Mind & Life News features institutional updates, announcements, and resources, as well as our e-newsletter archive.
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