Celebrating 20 Years of Varela Grants

For two decades, the Francisco J. Varela Research Grants have supported the rigorous examination of contemplative practices and how these can be applied to reduce suffering and promote flourishing. Cumulatively, 217 Varela Grants totalling $3.3 million have been awarded to researchers in 14 countries. Learn more about the impact of this path-breaking program.

Illustration by Sirin Thada depicts the two streams of thought representing buddhism and science flowing into one another.
Buddhism Meets Science

In an essay for our multimedia website, Insights, Mind & Life Board Chair Thupten Jinpa explores how the two investigative traditions converge to better understand the human mind and its potential. Read and learn more on Insights.

Our Digital Library and the Lost Art of Dialogue

What does real dialogue look and feel like? And how could it help expand possibilities for deeper understanding at a time of growing complexity—and mounting divides? The Mind & Life Digital Library explores these questions and more through recorded conversations and dialogues featuring the Dalai Lama with leading scientists, scholars, and contemplatives.

Global Majority Leadership and Mentorship Program

Read more from participant Felipe Mercado about this transformative mentorship program, developed in 2021 by an interdisciplinary working group led by Dr. Kamilah Majied, and its goal is to expand the community of global majority investigators in contemplative research.

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Our Commitment to Racial Equity and Inclusion

Learn about Mind & Life’s areas of focus in anti-racism as we engage in this work as an expanding learning community and in accordance with our values.