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Inspired by the potential of finding solutions in the joining of science and spirituality, A Future We Can Love takes readers on a journey of building knowledge, resilience, hope, and resolve to create a future that our children and our grandchildren will love.

Illustration by Sirin Thada
Buddhism Meets Science

In an essay for our new multimedia website, Insights, Mind & Life Board Chair Thupten Jinpa explores how the two investigative traditions converge to better understand the human mind and its potential. Read and learn more on Insights.

Global Majority Leadership and Mentorship Program

Following a successful pilot phase, the Global Majority Leadership and Mentorship Program is opening a new era of contemplative scholarship and science by building inclusivity and liberation pedagogy into its framework. Read more from program lead Dr. Kamilah Majied.

Lessons from the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and 30 Renowned Speakers

Most of us think of joy as something we’d like to experience more of, but could cultivating joy actually help change the world for the better? Could we learn to appreciate each other more? Build more vibrant communities? Love our planet more? The answer, according to presenters at the recent Global Joy Summit, was an unequivocal ‘yes.’

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Our Commitment to Racial Equity and Inclusion

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