This project will support Joyce in her role as the HaRT program lead for the “Sharing HaRT in New Expanses”(SHINE) initiative in Uganda. SHINE is a randomized controlled trial of the ‘Move with HaRT’ program to evaluate program impact on mental health and overall wellbeing for women and
girls who have experienced human trafficking. It is being implemented as a two-year collaboration across a passionate team of research, program and policy partners as well as a Survivor Advisory Group. Funded by the Human Trafficking Research Initiative, SHINE aims to fill a critical gap in the global evidence base around how best to support holistic healing for survivors.

Joyce is one of the developers of Move with HaRT. The program takes a trauma-informed, somatic approach to healing through 12 weekly sessions that integrate contemplative practices including yoga asana, pranayama, mindfulness meditation, guided visualizations, and a final ‘closing circle’ to share and validate experiences. The curriculum is organized around three core themes: (1) safety in the body, (2) radical self-love; and (3) compassion in action. This Changemaker Project will bring Move with HaRT to approximately 300 women and girls, with Joyce’s leadership in facilitation, training and mentorship of the program team.