The project will provide training to the nursing, CHCW and other support staff at HW in the utilisation of contemplative practices, including meditation and reflective writing, to assist them with the psychological, emotional, and/or spiritual stresses that result from providing palliative care. This in turn would support and enhance their care for their patients. This kind of project could be achieved through partnering with a local NPO deeply rooted in Buddhist contemplative practices, such as the Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Given the exposure of nursing and other staff to profound loss, the incorporation of meditation practices and reflective writing can help to facilitate their personal healing and instil healthy coping mechanisms. These sessions could help to equip staff with essential tools for the immediate project duration but also empower them to sustain meditative practices independently beyond the project period. This kind of project and collaborative partnership would position HospiceWits favorably to receive this grant. Simultaneously, it seeks to foster meaningful connections between HospiceWits and the Buddhist communities in Johannesburg. The initiative is aimed at creating an avenue for engagement with individuals in the surrounding Buddhist community, thereby expanding our outreach and impact.

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HospiceWits provides Palliative Care and support to those with a life threatening illness within the greater Johannesburg metropolitan area that includes Soweto.We offer an inter-disciplinary, holistic team approach to Palliative Care, including pain management and symptom control, psychological, emotional and spiritual counselling and extend our support to the family of our patients.We are compassionate, sympathetic and supportive – there is no end to our caring.