In a time of full-scale war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, when its people are on the brink of annihilation, under conditions of total uncertainty and terror, contemplative practices such as mindfulness meditation can truly serve many people uniquely to increase their mental and psychological resilience, reduce suffering, optimize performance and improve connection within teams, families and communities. This project aims to implement an evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Attention Training (MBAT) program developed by Dr Amishi Jha, Scott Rogers and their colleagues at the University of Miami into high-demand, high-stress cohorts and their families in wartime Ukraine to improve/protect their performance and reduce the impact of persistent high stress. Anticipated outcomes of the project are increased awareness of the benefits of mindfulness training and MBAT in particular for the performance, resilience and mental health of professionals working in high-demand, high-stress environments among psychologists, officials and decision-makers from various state departments. MBAT program will be conducted for pilot groups of psychologists, instructors, rescuers, commanders, unit heads, paramedics from various state departments.

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