HEALthyME – Mental Wellbeing of Young People at Schools in MK,” as project address the issues of bullying and mental health among students and teachers in two primary schools (PCs) in underserved municipalities of Skopje, one in the biggest Roma community in Europe, and second one in urban municipality targeting socially excluded children. The project will be led by SUNA Healthy Life in close cooperation with two PCs. The project goal is to address mental health and enhance problem-solving and communication skills among pupils through use of contemplative approach that incorporates mindfulness practices to support the well-being of participants, as key value the Mind and Life Institute. Anticipated outcomes of the project include an increased skills for bullying recognition, improved understanding of mindfulness practices and enhanced resilience among participants. The relevance of the project will be secured through improved well-being of young people and personal and societal transformation.

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