The Black Child Flourishing Project is a year-long curriculum that utilizes Black cultural practices such as hip-hop as a culturally relevant contemplative practice to support the social and emotional well-being of Black students ages 5-12 in a predominantly Black elementary school. By centering Black lives, we aim to promote key aspects of human flourishing through educational and explorational experiences. We will co-create–alongside Black students–a healing-centered educational space for Black children to have agency in their journey toward healing, belonging, and flourishing. This project provides opportunities for Black children to construct their own narratives, proudly present their cultures, build connection and belongingness, express their authentic emotions, and just be. The goal of the project is to support Black children in unapologetically re-imagining and re-creating the world around them. By using aspects of Black cultural practices that allow for authentic expression and understanding, Black children will inspire action toward positively transforming their communities.