unPrison Project is seeking funds for the Contemplative Practice for Women in Prison pilot project to develop and offer for women incarcerated in 3 prisons, with states determined when funded. The curriculum will introduce contemplative practice and its benefits related to incarcerated persons, and offer introduction to 5-10 contemplative practices. The goal of this project is to provide self-initiating contemplative practices and tools for coping and regulation within populations of women in prison. Project outcomes include: creation of a curriculum and contemplative practice learning guide, creation of supplemental demonstration videos for delivery into prisons when in-person contact is closed, and collaborative work with prison staff to plan for a contemplative practice group. This project is relevant to the Mind & Life Institute because it creates a pathway for a powerful tool within a population that rarely has access to these practices, and will profoundly benefit from them.

Organization Implementing the Project

The mission of unPrison Project https://www.unprison.org is to empower women in prison to build aspiration and the tools to take tangible steps to set and achieve goals. We recognize the capacity for transformation with women in prison and we focus on maximizing that potential. Through mentoring, literacy and life skills programs, we aim to provide the resources and support needed to dream about the future and plan for life after prison. At unPrison, we understand the profound impact of incarceration on families and communities, and we strive to raise public awareness about these issues. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to create a society that is conscious of the challenges posed by mass incarceration and committed to fostering positive change.