ABOUT-IT: Accelerating Buffalo’s Opportunity to Upsurge Transformation – from the Inside ouT Embodiology is a contemplative mind-body practice that optimizes individual human performance and well-being while integrating community flourishing through breath, rhythm, and movement. In Fall 2022, Dr. S. Ama Wray, creator of the award-winning Embodiology®, began the first phase of About-It, a wellness arts program for the Buffalo community impacted by the shooting on May 14, 2021. Through this grant, three interrelated programs will be initiated: A) Embodiology Community Leaders Training Program – for local arts health practitioners and community leaders B) Accelerate Healing to New Heights – a program for families and first responders C) Yes – You Matter – for underemployed young people aged 22-33 to find their way to flourishing. The aim is to transform Buffalo into a beacon of hope and an inspired model for what is possible when communities have an opportunity to radically re-imagine and determine their futures.