Gail Parker – A Meditation on Attuned Relationship

Psychologist and certified yoga therapist Gail Parker leads a meditation on attuned relationship, inviting us to reflect on the Joshua tree, from our November 2020 Inspiring Minds episode. We shared this video in 2022 as part of our 35th anniversary celebration.

Differential effects of loving-kindness and insight meditation on self-referential thought and tacit coordination

We will take a multi-method approach to extend the reach of contemplative science beyond the individual practitioner. First, we will examine the impact of different types of meditation practices on propensity for self-generated thought—thinking that is decoupled from the present moment. Second, we will investigate whether meditation-induced changes in self-generated thought are associated with our …

Stepping Back to Reflect: Mind & Life Leadership Explores Racial Histories

In her book “Mindful of Race,” author, educator, and meditation teacher Ruth King writes, “When we begin to notice the constellations instead of just the stars, we can see the patterns of harm toward aboriginal and native people, dark bodies, and immigrants.”  “These struggles interconnect,” she adds. To create more compassionate communities, ”we all must …

Gratitude interventions, well-being and social networks: A 16-month longitudinal study

Gratitude interventions, whereby people regularly reflect on and note things they are grateful for, can be effective in improving well-being. When completing gratitude tasks, people often focus on important people in their life. Therefore, this intervention may work by increasing people’s sense of social connection. As such, gratitude interventions have the potential not just to …

Inspiring Minds – February 2022

This conversation features Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela and Aaron Stern, with artist Hawah Kasat sharing innovative programs and approaches designed to nurture meaningful dialogue, break down barriers, and facilitate personal transformation aimed at healing the harmful legacies of the past.