His Holiness the Dalai Lama at our online 2020 Mind & Life Conversation

Here at Mind & Life, we’re pleased to support organizations like TEDxMarin 2020 whose mission aligns with ours: to bring together science and contemplative wisdom to better understand the mind and create positive change. Many of the themes and topics at the virtual TEDxMarin 2020 Innovator Showcase this year deeply resonate with our work. And we’re always proud to support Rhonda Magee, a Mind & Life Fellow and former Steering Council member!

For over three decades our work has included hosting dialogues with the Dalai Lama and academic events like our upcoming Contemplative Research Conference. Our grantmaking has been instrumental in seeding the field of contemplative science, with over $5.2 million in grants awarded, with $110 million in follow-on funding.

Given your participation in the TEDxMarin 2020 Innovator Showcase, we’re excited to share with you that we are launching our own online monthly conversation series this October, featuring leading researchers, contemplative teachers, and activists from our expanding community. Sign up below to receive updates!

Additional resources that we want to recommend to you:

  • The Mind & Life Podcast features leading experts on the mind, spiritual experience, contemplative practice, neuroscience, racial bias, and more. Launched in April 2020, our show consistently ranks among the top 15% of podcasts!
  • Our 2020 Mind & Life Conversation with the Dalai Lama explored the theme of “Resilience, Compassion, and Science for Healing Today,” with discussant Richie Davidson and moderator Carolyn Jacobs.
  • Our monthly e-newsletter includes announcements, virtual events, news from the Dalai Lama, blog content, and more.

You can read more about our mission, watch our 2020 President’s Call, and view our 2019 Year in Review highlights to get a better sense of who we are and why our work is so relevant today. Feel free to connect with the Director of Advancement, Maggie Guggenheimer, through email at maggie@mindandlife.org to learn about getting involved at Mind & Life.

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