Dear Mind & Life friends and colleagues,

You are in our hearts as together we face dramatic changes in our daily lives from the pandemic. During this unprecedented crisis of our lifetime, we are navigating tremendous uncertainty and loss: loss of in-person work and play, loss of freedom and ability to travel, loss of employment and income, and more. Along with the grief, we are also reminded of the preciousness of life and the inextricable web of our interconnection and shared humanity.

Earlier this year Mind & Life completed a strategic visioning and planning process, to guide our expanding work through a lens of interconnection. We also began developing our digital efforts to have wider reach and greater impact on pressing contemporary issues. As such, Mind & Life is primed and eager to show up fully and make a difference: to serve, to foster individual and collective flourishing, and to partner with you and other organizations. We want to share our new strategic vision and explore how our expanding work is even more important moving forward.

May you be nourished by the unfolding of springtime and its singing birds and blooming bulbs. May you be sustained by the insights gleaned from bridging science and contemplative wisdom. And may you be supported by the recognition of our interconnectedness, knowing that we are indeed in this together.

With care and appreciation,



Susan Bauer-Wu
Mind & Life Institute