Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela is Professor and Research Chair for Historical Trauma and Transformation at Stellenbosch University. Her work focuses mainly on two strands of research: exploring intergenerational repercussions of oppression and institutional violence, and exploring what she terms “reparative humanism” which builds on her earlier work on the relationship between remorse and forgiveness after historical trauma. She loves coastal walks and is a patron of the theatre as well as of opera and listens to jazz at home.

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Mind & Life Connections



Evolution of the Heart

Mind and Life Institute • June 6, 2021

Topics: Compassion & Empathy | Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Interconnection | Self & Other | Social Change


2017 Mind & Life Dialogue XXXII Session

Session V – Reparative Humanism: Exploring the Meaning of Ubuntu

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Lily Mafela, Theo Sowa

Topics: Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Interconnection | Social Change | Stress & Resilience

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