Summer Research Institute 2023

A collaborative, interdisciplinary, and immersive opportunity for conversations around trauma, healing, and flourishing—for researchers, contemplatives, changemakers, and anyone interested in this topic.

Jon Kabat-Zinn – Sharing MBSR with the Dalai Lama

In a video clip from 2022, Mind & Life Founding Steward Jon Kabat-Zinn remembers sharing the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program with the Dalai Lama at the Mind & Life Dialogue in Dharamsala, India in 1990. We shared this video in 2022 as part of our 35th anniversary celebration.

Biological and psychological mechanisms of mindfulness meditation-based interventions for depression

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is highly burdensome and psychological and biological features are mechanistically implicated in its etiology. Fewer than one-in-three depressed patients achieve remission after treatment. Understanding treatment mechanisms of MDD is clearly an important objective. Mindfulness training emphasizes the development of attention and experiential acceptance, improves depressive symptoms, reduces the likelihood of relapse, …

Making data more accessible: Visualizing the Contemplative Coping during COVID-19 project

The purpose of this project is to make results from the Contemplative Coping during COVID-19 (CCC) research study accessible to a variety of stakeholders. The CCC study investigates the lived experience of ~350 meditation practitioners in the US during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our aim is to understand how people are making use of meditation practices …

2021 Mind & Life Conversation

Our December 2021 conversation with the Dalai Lama features Elissa Epel, Michelle Shiota, and John Dunne. The program asks: What is the role of activating hope in pursuing a positive vision of the future? Can action come with a heavy heart, and before we have a clear vision of the radical changes needed? How can we cultivate joy amidst adversity?

Inspiring Minds – November 2021

Our November conversation features Eric Garland and Durga Leela, with musician Geoffrey Menin. They discuss mindfulness and embodied practices for holistic healing.

Community Suicide Prevention Project for Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

The DRC in general and the city of Goma in particular, with a majority population that is poor and unemployed, is caught in endless cycles of wars, and the calamity of armed conflicts. This constant exposure to trauma predisposes many to severe psychological distress. Given this level of trauma exposure we expect higher rates of …