Embracing Hope in Times of Crisis: 6 Lessons from the Dalai Lama and Leading Scientists

Data on the state of mental health in the world today paints a stark reality. According to a recent survey, 75% of young people globally feel the future is frightening in the face of climate change, and as a result of the Covid pandemic, an estimated 129 million more people have experienced anxiety and depression …

Documenting Mayan Milpa biocultural heritage through embodied ethnoecology

Milpa is a millennia-old agricultural polycrop system from Mesoamerica that continues to be widely used in México. Milpa includes maize, beans, and squash, often mixed with other crops. This agroecological system has many sustainable properties, including the ability to support large crop yields without requiring pesticides or fertilizers, even in nutrient poor soil. Lineage holders …

2021 Mind & Life Conversation

Our December 2021 conversation with the Dalai Lama features Elissa Epel, Michelle Shiota, and John Dunne. The program asks: What is the role of activating hope in pursuing a positive vision of the future? Can action come with a heavy heart, and before we have a clear vision of the radical changes needed? How can we cultivate joy amidst adversity?

Inspiring Minds – February 2022

This conversation features Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela and Aaron Stern, with artist Hawah Kasat sharing innovative programs and approaches designed to nurture meaningful dialogue, break down barriers, and facilitate personal transformation aimed at healing the harmful legacies of the past.

Science & Wisdom of Emotions Summit

Co-hosted with The Awake Network, the Science & Wisdom of Emotion Summit explored the research and insights catalyzed 20 years ago by the Mind & Life Destructive Emotions Dialogue with the Dalai Lama,

Film & Panel: “Storytelling, Science, and Hope: Climate Feedback Loops Film & Panel”

It is no longer an enigma that climate change is drastically and detrimentally changing our world; glaciers are shrinking, sea levels are rising and our fellow beings are struggling to survive. How do we maintain hope in the face of such enormous, seemingly unfathomable adversity? What role do the stories we tell and the compassion …