What is included under the budget?
Think Tank budgets can be used for any reasonable cost related to holding the meeting(s) and creating the deliverables. This can include: travel, accommodations, meals, honoraria, recording costs, publishing costs, etc. There is no restriction on how funds are allocated into these categories; that is the discretion of the organizers. However, budget appropriateness is considered by the review committee. Note that grant funds may not be used for academic or professional conference attendance.

Do Mind & Life grants cover indirect costs?
Mind & Life grants may not be used to cover indirect/overhead/administrative costs when applicants are affiliated with a university or other large institution. If a grant is awarded, the grantee’s institution must agree to waive all overhead and administrative fees, and further agree that the funds will be used solely for Think Tank-related expenses, organized and managed by the grantee. (Exceptions may be made for applicants who are not affiliated with a university or other large institution. If this is your case, please contact us at ThinkTanks@mindandlife.org well in advance of applying for a Think Tank grant.) 

My proposal is part of a larger project that already has funding. How should I reflect this in the budget?
The budget you submit should cover the use of funds from this grant only. If you have additional funding sources for your proposal, please include this information in the relevant application section following the budget. Be specific about how the grant you’re applying for will be used within the larger budget.

Can I submit two applications for different projects, or different aspects of the same project?
We do not accept two separate grant proposals from the same applicant, or from different applicants for two aspects of the same project.

Are these grants open to international applicants?
Yes. Mind & Life Grants are not limited to residents of the United States. We encourage worldwide applications, and are particularly interested in supporting work in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Who receives the grant money?
Grant funds will be sent to the grantee’s institution or organization. Grants cannot be given directly to an individual.

What if I need more than two years to complete the meeting and deliverables?
The length of the grant is two years from the date of the notification of grant acceptance. If more time is required, a request for extension must be submitted to Mind & Life (this can be done through the SurveyMonkey Apply platform). It will then be sent to the Grants & Science Manager for approval.

Can I apply if I’m a current Mind & Life grantee?
Think Tank applicants may be currently funded through a Mind & Life research grant (e.g., Varela, PEACE), but may not be currently funded for an active Think Tank. Current Think Tank grantees must submit a final report and budget reconciliation for the existing project before applying for a new Think Tank grant. No person may be funded more than three times from the same Mind & Life grant program. Note that we do not allow two separate proposals in a given cycle from the same applicant, or from different applicants for two aspects of the same project.