Transdisciplinary training will continue the small group exercises from Part I on Wednesday. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss what emerged during the group activities — including successes and challenges — and receive feedback from workshop leaders.

Clifford Saron, PhD

University of California, Davis

Convening Faculty, Fellow, Planning Committee Member

Clifford Saron is a research scientist at the Center for Mind and Brain and MIND Institute at the University of California, Davis. He received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the … MORE

Wendy Weber, ND, PhD, MPH

National Institutes of Health

Wendy J. Weber, ND, PhD, MPH, joined NCCIH as a program director in 2009. She oversees NCCIH’s portfolio of health services research, studies of complementary medicine to promote of healthy … MORE

Michael Lifshitz, PhD

Stanford University


I am interested in the plasticity of human consciousness. My research investigates practices that aim to transform subjective experience—from meditation and hypnosis to placebos, prayer, and contemplative therapies. I work … MORE

Elizaveta Solomonova, PhD

McGill University


Elizaveta Solomonova is an interdisciplinary scientist of the mind, working at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, philosophy and the arts. Her main research interest is the neurophenomenology of conscious experiences … MORE