Elizaveta Solomonova is an interdisciplinary scientist of the mind, working at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, philosophy and the arts. Her main research interest is the neurophenomenology of conscious experiences across sleep, wake and contemplative states. She is currently finishing an interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Montreal, and starting a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University’s Neurophilosophy Lab. She has been working at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine and at the Topological Media Lab at Concordia University. She previously worked on a variety of projects in neuroscience of sleep and in media arts, including meditation, sense of presence, sleep paralysis, sensory incorporation in sleep, memory consolidation, nightmares, emotion regulation, collective experiences, and experimental philosophy. In addition, she is a research scientist at the YHouse, a New York-based nascent interdisciplinary institute, dedicated to the study of awareness from biological, phenomenological and contemplative perspectives.

This profile was last updated on January 6, 2014

Mind & Life Connections


2017 Summer Research Institute Session

Part I – Transdisciplinary Research

Evan Thompson, Michael Lifshitz, Elizaveta Solomonova, Lis Nielsen

Topics: Education | Interconnection

2017 Summer Research Institute Session

Part II – Transdisciplinary Research

Michael Lifshitz, Wendy Weber, Clifford Saron, Elizaveta Solomonova

Topics: Education | Interconnection


2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Concurrent Session 3 – Dream Neurophenomenology and Contemplative Sciences

Elizaveta Solomonova

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Mindfulness