Yoona Kang’s research investigates psychological and neural mechanisms that support the development and changes in social cognition, emotions, and health outcomes. Her main research interests are in 1) linking social cognitive and affective processing in the brain to health outcomes across various developmental stages, and 2) designing intervention strategies that guide adaptive changes in social processing to promote emotional and physical well-being. Yoona’s work draws conceptual and methodological tools from psychology, cognitive neuroscience, contemplative science, and health communication. She examines converging evidence across a wide range of tools, including first-person reports, implicit measures, behavioral outcomes, and neuroimaging data (fMRI, fNIRS, EEG). Yoona received her B.A. in psychology from UCLA and Ph.D. in psychology from Yale University.

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Can We Change Racial Bias?

Wendy Hasenkamp • July 17, 2020

Topics: Mindfulness | Self & Other | Social Change


2019 Summer Research Institute Session

Interdisciplinary Panel: Translating Neuroscience

Moderators: Andrew Dreitcer, Elissa Epel
Panel: Anil Seth, Clifford Saron, Daniel Siegel, Lawrence Barsalou, Yoona Kang, Norman Farb, Elissa Epel, Andrew Dreitcer

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Education


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Francisco J. Varela Research Awards

Mind and Life Institute • September 15, 2015

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Contemplative Wisdom | Mindfulness