I am currently working toward my doctorate with Dr. Jose Soto in the Clinical Science program at the Pennsylvania State University, where I conduct research on emotion, culture and health using behavioral and psychophysiological methods. My research interests focus on exploring physiological and emotional processes related to threat (avoidant) vs. challenge (approach) responses in stressful situations and how such emotional responses are influenced by available personal and social resources. In addition, I am interested in understanding how contemplative practices affect individuals’ personal and social resources and promote the approach response. Relatedly, I am studying the effects of contemplative practices on promoting prosocial emotional and behavioral engagement (e.g., empathy, compassion, prosocial behaviors). Prior to coming to Penn State, I completed a Master’s program in Clinical Psychology at Yonsei University, Korea, where I studied the effect of mindfulness on emotional reactivity vs. emotional recovery. My work examining mindfulness and cross-cultural differences in self-perception has been featured in specialty journals like Cognition and Emotion and Asian Journal of Social Psychology. 

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