Dr. Rahil Rojiani (they/them) is a queer, genderfluid, South Asian Ismaili Muslim, and a fourth year psychiatry resident at Cambridge Health Alliance / Harvard Medical School. Rahil’s contemplative practices are informed by their Muslim faith, secular mindfulness traditions, and multiple Buddhist lineages, starting at Brown University where they majored in Contemplative Studies—a multi-disciplinary study of meditation, spirituality, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind. Rahil has conducted several years of research on the neuroscience of meditation with Dr. Willoughby Britton at Brown University, and with Dr. Judson Brewer at Yale University and the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Worcester. They have also conducted research on the dual-brain neuroscience of drumming, and drumming as an intervention for incarcerated men. Rahil has been facilitating mindfulness and politicized healing groups since 2014, particularly for community organizers, healthcare professionals, and BIPOC communities (e.g., here). They are a graduate of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, and they currently serve on the Board of Directors for The Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Rahil is dedicated to using contemplative practices and somatic psychotherapies for healing trauma in oppressed communities working toward collective liberation. 

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This profile was last updated on July 2, 2022