Pete Fleming leads the Protect and Care Research team at Facebook. His team is responsible for studying social interactions and developing products to make Facebook a safer and more supportive place for people to connect with others. He oversees Facebook research projects that focus on social connectivity including, for example, emotional responses, gratitude, social support and bullying. Prior to joining Facebook, Pete was a Research Director at the University of Pennsylvania and co-founder of Invest in Knowledge, a nonprofit working in Sub-Saharan Africa to provide research services while building local research capacity. At the University of Pennsylvania he directed NIH grants studying social networks and health in Sub-Saharan Africa that were led by investigators from a sociology, psychology, demography, anthropology, medicine and public health. He has become an expert in team-building and facilitating collaboration between researchers from different disciplines, in academia and in industry, and how to conduct better science through collaboration.

This profile was last updated on January 1, 2020

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