Norman Farb, PhD is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, where he directs the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics laboratory ( A Fellow at the Mind & Life Institute, he studies the cognitive neuroscience of well-being, focusing on mental habits, such as how we think about ourselves and interpret our emotions. His current research explores online interventions to support well-being, and neuroimaging of interoception, our sense of the body’s internal state. He has been continually supported by the Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for his entire career. He was the co-recipient of the inaugural Mind and Life Catherine Kerr Award for Courageous and Compassionate Scholarship.

His recent book, Better in Every Sense, describes the surprising role of sensation in mental health.

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Mind & Life Connections


2019 Summer Research Institute Session

Interdisciplinary Panel: Translating Neuroscience

Moderators: Andrew Dreitcer, Elissa Epel
Panel: Anil Seth, Clifford Saron, Daniel Siegel, Lawrence Barsalou, Yoona Kang, Norman Farb, Elissa Epel, Andrew Dreitcer

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Education


Mind & Life Videos

Norm Farb – How to Choose Between Beautiful Stories

Mind and Life Institute • November 11, 2018

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Mindfulness


2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Concurrent Session 3 – Being in the Body: Contemplative Practice, Interoceptive Awareness, and Health

Jennifer Daubenmeier, Norman Farb, Anne Klein, Wolf Mehling, Martin Paulus, Cynthia Price

Topics: Mindfulness | Self & Other