Erin McCarthy (she/her) is a professor, speaker, author, mindfulness coach, philosophical counselor, and parent of twins. After completing her undergraduate degree in French and Philosophy at Trent University, she went on to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa, comparing western and eastern views of the self. A professor of philosophy at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY from 2000-2022, where she is now Professor Emerita, Erin currently divides her time between teaching philosophy part time, conference engagements and mindfulness teaching and coaching. Her teaching, writing and coaching bring together eastern and western philosophies and practices to cultivate human flourishing, joy, ease and mental health. She is a founding executive member of the new International Society for Contemplative Research and currently serving as its Director of Humanities. Erin is a Mind & Life Fellow, served on the 2016 ISCR Program Planning Committee and was co-chair of the ISCR 2018 Program Planning Committee.

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Mind & Life Connections


2018 International Symposium for Contemplative Research Session

Master Lectures: Contemplative Studies Panel: Contemplating the Future of “Contemplative Studies”

Moderators: Erin McCarthy
Panel: Amishi Jha, Harold Roth, Ed Sarath, Erin McCarthy

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Self & Other


Mind & Life Videos

ISCS 2016 – Master Lecture – Erin McCarthy

Mind and Life Institute • November 12, 2016

Topics: Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Social Change

2016 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Master Lectures: Embodying Change: Buddhism, Feminism, and Contemplative Education

Erin McCarthy

Topics: Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Social Change


2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Concurrent Session 1 – Philosophical Foundations for Contemplative Pedagogy in Higher Education: New Research in the Field

Susan Burggraf, Barry Kroll, Erin McCarthy, Harold Roth, Judith Simmer-Brown

Topics: Education | Mindfulness