Winner of more than 25 international acting awards and more than 15 writing awards, Donald Molosi is an award-winning Broadway and Hollywood actor and writer. Molosi was the first Motswana actor to perform on Broadway in 2007, and in his upcoming 2017 off-Broadway play “Black Man Samurai,” Molosi chronicles his own decade-long career in New York City’s Theatre District.

Molosi is featured in “A United Kingdom” opposite Golden Globe and Emmy award nominee David Oyelowo and Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike. The film depicts the marriage of Prince Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams in the 1940s and the uniting of the people of Botswana. In his 2017 viral essay “Dear Upright African,” Molosi explores botho as a basis for the African school curriculum. In it, he argues that if African schools included African classrooms it would be an act of botho to those who came before and those who are still to tread the Earth, a proposal embodied in all his theatrical works.

Molosi’s most recent film appearance is in “We Are All Blue,” a documentary film Molosi released in 2017. The film explores Botswana history over the past 50 years through the lens of inter-generational dialogue. In his off-Broadway magnum opus, “Blue, Black and White” (2008), Molosi explored the transformative interracial marriage of Botswana’s inaugural First Couple, Sir Seretse and Lady Khama.

Molosi holds an MA in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of California–Santa Barbara, a Graduate Diploma in Classical Acting from LAMDA (UK) and a BA in Political Science and a BA in Theater, both from Williams College in Massachusetts.

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MLI XXXII Session 5

Mind and Life Institute • August 19, 2017

Topics: Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Interconnection | Social Change | Stress & Resilience

2017 Mind & Life Dialogue XXXII Session

Session V – Botho/Ubuntu as Basis for Intergenerational Dialogue

Donald Molosi, Lily Mafela, Theo Sowa

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