In spring 2022, Mind & Life launched a pilot mentoring program to support and grow the pool of Global Majority investigators in contemplative research, particularly those who attend the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (SRI) and those who may seek funding from our grants. This program is based on Inclusive Contemplative Leadership and Mentorship, defined as mentorship which draws from the lineages and experiences of both the mentor and mentee. This type of mentorship broadens the scope and understanding of contemplative practice to contribute to ever-expanding diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

An interdisciplinary working group developed the program over the past year, led by Dr. Kamilah Majied — a contemplative inclusivity and equity consultant serving as the program development lead. Dr. Majied previously served on the 2020 SRI Program Planning Committee.

The Global Majority Leadership and Mentorship Program is currently in its pilot phase (2022), with plans to expand the program in 2023. For more information, email

Participants in the 2022 pilot program



Leadership and Mentorship Program Working Group

Inger Burnett-Zeigler, PhD

Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

Doris F. Chang, PhD

New York University

Convening Faculty, Grantee, Reviewer

Grant Jones

The Black Lotus Collective; Harvard University

Grantee, Reviewer, Steering Council Member

Yoona Kang, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

Convening Faculty, Grantee, Reviewer

Kamilah Majied, PhD, PhD

California State University, Monterey Bay

Convening Faculty

Dominique A. Malebranche, Ph.D.

Pepperdine University

Planning Committee Member, Reviewer

Vaishali Mamgain, PhD

University of Southern Maine

Kedrick Perry, PhD

Loyola University

Juan Santoyo

Universidad de Antioquia; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Grantee, Planning Committee Member, Reviewer