We will host a two-day meeting of scholars from the humanities and sciences and contemplative practitioners to explore and develop the use of microphenomenology in the study, practice and application of contemplative practice. The meeting will bring together core members of the PhenoPilot project, with a small group of other scholars and practitioners in order to summarize experiences, and develop new research proposals and applications. This Think Tank is intended to help develop a modest, empirically grounded, and explicitly intersubjective phenomenology to aid in the study of processes and states associated with learning and engaging in contemplative practice.


Andreas Roepstorff, PhD

Aarhus University

Fellow, Grantee

Andreas Roepstorff, Ph.D. is Professor, Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience and Department of Social Anthropology, Aarhus University / Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. As an anthropologist in neuroscience, Andreas tries to … MORE

Claire Petitmengin, PhD

Archives Husserl, École Normale Supérieure


Anne Klein, PhD

Rice University



Michel Bitbol, MD, PhD

Archives Husserl, École Normale Supérieure

Jean-Philippe Lachaux, PhD

Neuroscience Research Center, INSERM/CNRS, France

Antoine Lutz, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Discussant, Fellow

Soizic Michelot

Association pour le développement de la mindfulness

Donata Schoeller

University of Zurich

Michael Sheehy, PhD

University of Virginia

Martijn van Beek, PhD

Aarhus University, Denmark

Mind & Life Connections