Inspiring Minds: Live Conversations Offering Wisdom for Our Time

Unresolved trauma and harmful belief systems are handed down through generations, perpetuating racial and social injustice and cycles of violence. In this episode, we’ll explore the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which laid the groundwork for healing in the aftermath of apartheid in South Africa. Presenters Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela and Aaron Stern will share innovative programs and approaches designed to nurture meaningful dialogue, break down barriers, and facilitate personal transformation aimed at healing the harmful legacies of the past. Along with a musical offering from artist Hawah Kasat, the episode will explore:

  • How to create safe spaces where intergenerational healing can take place, rooted in an understanding of our interconnection?
  • What is the role of wisdom traditions, storytelling, and the arts in building resilience and leadership skills among today’s youth?

Signing up is required to attend the event live on Zoom; everyone who signs up will also receive an email with the event recording afterwards. The event recording will be posted on this webpage and on our YouTube channel for free viewing with no sign up required.

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, PhD

Stellenbosch University

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela is Professor and Research Chair in Historical Trauma and Transformation in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Stellenbosch University. Her previous positions are Professor in the Psychology … MORE

Aaron Stern

Academy for the Love of Learning

Aaron Stern is a composer, educator, internationally recognized consultant on learning, and the founder of the Academy for the Love of Learning, a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based educational institution. He … MORE

Hawah Kasat

One Common Unity

Hawah Kasat is an artist, author, educator, yoga instructor, community organizer, and non-profit leader. He has dedicated his life to teaching about solutions to violence and ways to peace, and … MORE