Dr. David Vago is Research Associate Professor and Director of the Contemplative Neuroscience and Mind-Body (CNMB) Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt University. He is core training faculty for the Vanderbilt Brain Institute and Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology, and Inflammation. He is also a research associate in the Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He has completed post-doctoral fellowships in Biological and Social Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatric Neuroimaging, and Mind and Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Weill Cornell Medical School, and University of Utah School of Medicine. He has previously held the position of Research Director at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt and Senior Research Coordinator for the Mind & Life Institute. He is currently a Mind and Life Fellow supporting the Mind and Life mission by advising on strategy and programs.  

This profile was last updated on October 20, 2020

Mind & Life Connections


Think Tanks

Mechanisms of Meditation and Consequences for Clinical Practice

Marieke van Vugt, David Vago, Antonino Raffone, Elena Antonova, Jos Brosschot, Anne Speckens, Heleen Slagter, Philipp Kanske, Judson Brewer, Susan Bogels, Henk Barendregt, Zoltan Dienes, Amber Carpenter, Shaun Gallagher, Brian Ostafin, Thorsten Barnhofer

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Mental Health | Mindfulness | Self & Other


Think Tanks

Embodiment, Contemplative Practice, and Equality: Developing a Programmatic and Research Agenda for Reducing Ingroup Bias through Embodied Inquiry and Contemplative Practice

angel Kyodo williams, Bo Forbes, Gregory Cajete, Jim Coan, William Cunningham, John Dunne, Norman Farb, Aneeta Rattan, David Vago, Christine Wilson-Mendenhall


2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Concurrent Session 1 – Can We Measure Mental Balance? Scientific and Contemplative Perspectives On Equanimity

Gaelle Desbordes, Dusana Dorjee, Elizabeth Hoge, Catherine Kerr, Sara Lazar, Andrew Olendzki, David Vago

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Contemplative Wisdom | Mindfulness

2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Concurrent Session 1 – Yoga’s Self-Regulatory Functions in Promoting Psychological Health: A Proposed Model

Jessica Noggle-Taylor, Crystal Park, David Vago, Angela Wilson

Topics: Body-based Practices | Brain & Cognitive Science

2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Concurrent Session 3 – Looking Back to Move Forward: Exploring Shortand Long-Term (20-year) Impacts of Early Exposure (Elementary School) to Mindful-Based Learning (MBL)

Julianne Cheek, John Kabat-Zinn, David Lipschitz, Yoshio Nakamura, David Vago

Topics: Education | Mindfulness

Think Tanks

Mindfulness Media Hype

Marieke van Vugt, Andrew Olendzki, Kim Nolan, Ted Meissner, David Vago, Willoughby Britton, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Brent Field, Sara Lazar, Nicholas Van Dam, Laura Schmalzl, David Meyer, Clifford Saron, Catherine Kerr