Contemplative Researchers Seek to Leverage Power of Technology for Well-being

A familiar scene for many: It’s the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re missing social lunches and coffee dates. Connection is lacking and we’re confined to our homes for work, play, rest, and everything in between. In this reality, online tools like Zoom and social media skyrocketed as a resource for maintaining relationships and …

Sharon Salzberg – A Meditation for Grounding and Rest

Mind & Life Fellow Sharon Salzberg leads a meditation on building a foundation of grounding and rest to find courage from our October 2020 Inspiring Minds episode. We shared this video in 2022 as part of our 35th anniversary celebration.

Listening to Our Body’s Intelligence: Reflections from Mind & Life’s Summer Research Institute

Mind & Life periodically invites guest writers to contribute their perspectives and experiences on the blog as a way of deepening dialogue and understanding around key themes related to our mission. This post is adapted from a longer piece Megan published reflecting on her experience at our 2021 Summer Research Institute. “Storytellers have only three …

The acute impact of yoga-based stretching on inflammation and its resolution: A pilot study

Inflammation plays fundamental positive and negative physiological roles during life. However, unresolved chronic inflammation is associated with morbidities affecting a wide range of multiple systems. A growing body of research supports the benefit of integrative therapies in preventing and treating chronic inflammation; however, the exact biological pathways/processes through which they deliver their beneficial effects are …

Inspiring Minds – November 2021

Our November conversation features Eric Garland and Durga Leela, with musician Geoffrey Menin. They discuss mindfulness and embodied practices for holistic healing.