People across the U.S. have shared their personal experiences and perspectives about spirituality and religion in a national research study completed this year. Commissioned by the Fetzer Institute, the study aimed to learn more about the beliefs, behaviors, and benefits that undergird people’s spiritual and religious identification, and their relationship to community and civic life. The findings revealed both the nuance and commonality of spiritual experience and offers hope during these challenging times. Representatives from the Institute and advisors will share more about their unique collaborative approach, the mixed methodology used in the research, and consider with the audience the practical implications in this engaging and interactive session.

Mohammed Hamid Mohammed

The Fetzer Institute

Mohammed Hamid Mohammed is a senior program officer at the Fetzer Institute. Trained in the humanities, social science, and human-computer interaction, Mohammed is a philanthropy professional with decades of experience … MORE

Veronica Selzler

Fetzer Institute

Veronica Selzler is a director at Hattaway Communications, a strategic communications firm that helps visionary leaders and organizations use strategy, science, and storytelling to achieve ambitious goals for people and … MORE

Roman Williams

Fetzer Institute

Roman R. Williams, Ph.D. is a visual sociologist who studies religion and spirituality in everyday life. Roman directs the Interfaith Photovoice Initiative (, is a research fellow at the Kaufman … MORE