This session will include opening remarks from Mind & Life President, Susan Bauer-Wu and conference Co-Chairs, Linda Carlson and John Dunne.

Grant Jones will feature music as a medium to heal. His offering will draw from soul, alternative, and contemplative music traditions and seek to invite folks into feeling deeply. An ultimate aim for Grant is to have his music provide folks with a home for their most unlovable parts, and he hopes that those who listen feel held and cared for by his sound. His music is most often performed acoustically with guitar and vocals.”

Susan Bauer-Wu

Mind & Life Institute

  Susan Bauer-Wu is the former president of the Mind & Life Institute. Throughout her career, she has held leadership, academic, and clinical positions in nonprofits, health care, and higher … MORE

Linda Carlson, PhD

University of Calgary

Convening Faculty, Fellow, Grantee, Planning Committee Member, Reviewer

Dr. Linda Carlson holds the Enbridge Research Chair in Psychosocial Oncology, is Full Professor in Psychosocial Oncology in the Department of Oncology, Cumming School of Medicine at the University of … MORE

John Dunne, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Dunne’s work focuses on Buddhist philosophy and contemplative practice, especially in dialog with Cognitive Science. His publications range from technical works on Buddhist epistemology to broader works on the … MORE

Grant Jones

The Black Lotus Collective; Harvard University

Grantee, Reviewer, Steering Council Member

Grant Jones (he/him) is a contemplative, musician, researcher, and activist. He is a co-founder of The Black Lotus Collective, a meditation community that centers the healing and liberation of individuals … MORE