Join two renowned leaders in the field of contemplative studies for a conversation reviewing a 15-year history of collaboration between contemplatives and neuroscientists, with perspectives from both traditions. The discussion will explore the philosophical and scientific issues germane to the investigation of well-being. The possibility of cultivating well-being will be considered, along with the underlying constituents of well-being, from Buddhist and scientific perspectives. Drawing from both of these major traditions, recommendations for developing secular programs to cultivate well-being will be provided, and the history and current status of contemplative-neuroscience collaboration will be reviewed. The conversation will identify outstanding questions in the investigation of well-being and how it might be learned.

Richard J. Davidson, PhD

Mind & Life Chief Scientific Advisor, Center for Healthy Minds at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Davidson is best known for his groundbreaking work studying emotion and the brain. A friend and confidante of the Dalai Lama, he is a highly sought after expert and speaker, … MORE

Matthieu Ricard, PhD


Convening Faculty, Fellow

Matthieu Ricard, Ph.D., is a Buddhist monk at Schechen Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. Born in France in 1946, he received his Ph.D. in Cellular Genetics at the Institut Pasteur under … MORE

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