Day Five brings the Dialogue to its crescendo with a discussion about implementation and evaluation of learning in the classroom. The session begins with a presentation on the biological stress response in brains that produce stress hormones that influence memory and emotion regulation. Studies are cited to demonstrate how perceiving a situation to be threatening or not can activate or inhibit a stress response. The final presentation considers Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE for Teachers), a professional development program for educators that combines emotion skills instruction with mindfulness and compassion practices. The impact on teachers and classroom interactions is correlated with student motivation and reading competence. This session concludes with an open discussion and synopsis of crucial points discerned during the five days.

Sonia Lupien, PhD

Centre for Studies on Human Stress, Université de Montréal


Sonia Lupien is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress whose mission is to transfer scientifically validated knowledge on stress to the general public. Her … MORE

Patricia (Tish) Jennings, MEd, PhD

University of Virginia

Convening Faculty, Fellow, Grantee, Reviewer

Prof. Jennings is a Professor of Education at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. She is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of social and … MORE

Aaron Stern

Academy for the Love of Learning

Board Member

Aaron Stern is a composer, educator, internationally recognized consultant on learning, and the founder of the Academy for the Love of Learning, a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based educational institution. He … MORE