This workshop will involve three methods of engaged contemplation in Islamic Sufism, consisting of silent and vocal forms of “remembrance” (dhikr) and “remembrance in life.” The ultimate purpose of these methods is to retrain the individual’s consciousness to respond — at each moment in one’s daily life — toward one’s consciousness and whatever appears in it, responding with an engaged contemplative stance consisting of a continual re-embrace of unconditional gratitude. Structurally, this workshop will involve alternating periods of contemplation and instruction w/discussion. This workshop will involve “remembrance in life” (consisting of short, non-strenuous periods of walking dhikr), as well as equal parts of vocal and silent seated dhikr. For this workshop, a smartphone with an alarm or a watch is recommended. Also, for anyone with a physical disability, the walking “remembrance in life” practice can be modified according to individual needs.

Alan Godlas, PhD

University of Georgia

Alan ‘Abd al-Haqq Godlas, PhD, is authorized to teach Sufi contemplative practice in the Shadhili tradition of Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal of Jerusalem and the naqshbandi tradition of Hazret Ibrahim Jan … MORE