These sessions will explore Daoist (Taoist) standing meditation, Yangsheng (Nourishing Life), and movement practices. Also referred to as Qigong (Ch’i-kung; Qi Exercises), Yangsheng is a form of health and longevity practice. Each session will begin with formal instruction on quiet standing (jingzhan) and then explore specific movement practices. While some attention will be given to the Daoist dimensions of the practices, each session will be ecumenical and inclusive in approach. Some time will also be set aside for participant questions, whether philosophical or practical. All are welcome.

Louis Komjathy, PhD, CSO

University of San Diego

A leading scholar-practitioner of Daoism (Taoism) with over twenty-five years of experience with holistic and integrated Daoist training, Louis Komjathy is an ordained Daoist priest of the Huashan 華山 (Mount … MORE