This half-day retreat is meant to integrate the objects of our research—contemplation, mindfulness, and cultivation of the mind and heart—with our conference experience. It will include guided meditations for those new to meditation practice as well as for more seasoned practitioners, and periods of sitting and walking meditation. The contemplative retreat will provide an opportunity to practice “what we study” and to observe and learn from our own first-person experience, which is no less important than the experience of those whom we study.

Larry Yang

Spirit Rock

Larry Yang teaches mindfulness and loving kindness retreats nationally and has a special interest in creating access to the dharma for diverse multicultural communities. Larry has practiced meditation for almost … MORE

Alisa Dennis, Ph.D.

Spirit Rock

Alisa Dennis discovered meditation through her study of metaphysics and ancient Christian mystical traditions. She practiced within the S.N. Goenka tradition of Vipassana, then studied mindfulness through the Mindful Awareness … MORE