This paper explores the Won-Buddhist approach to mindfulness that encompasses several layers of consciousness: the subconscious, the mind, and six sense faculties (preconsciousness). These layers function simultaneously but play distinctive roles depending on the external environment. The proper function of the six sense faculties leads to the weakening of negativity stored in the subconsciousness. This is accomplished by training the faculties to see, hear, and touch external objects as if making a gesture to Buddha. As such, the mind automatically engages in concentration through this function. The result of this method not only exemplifies mindfulness, but also the ability to react positively to negative circumstances that influence the mind. This method addresses the problem of relapse that often occurs in other mindfulness interventions. By creating a mindfulness training course that is integrated into a daily practice, there could be fewer cases of relapse for these participants compared to short-term workshop participants.

Grace Song

Youngsan University of Seon Studies