• The Mind & Life Institute is committed to building a rigorous community of interdisciplinary contemplatives, scholars and scientists which depends upon diversity of perspectives and experiences. Fellows are encouraged to consider candidates of all races, genders, ages, religions and sexual orientations in the nominating process. Service in the Fellows program is strictly voluntary. No fee is required.
    Current Mind & Life Fellows and staff members at the Mind & Life Institute are eligible to nominate others who meet the criteria for being a Fellow (see below). Mind & Life Fellows are encouraged to nominate new Fellows who would contribute to the diverse global network of distinguished Mind & Life Fellows across the three different types of fellowship: Research, Leadership and Contemplative.
    For more information on the criteria and nomination process for being a Mind & Life Fellow, as well as the principles and benefits thereof, please see the Mind & Life Fellows webpage.

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    (note: this is not an anonymous process; the nominee will see your name in their notice to accept or decline the nomination)

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  • Research Fellows—Scientific (basic, clinical or social sciences) or humanistic researchers or scholars engaged in contemplative sciences and/or studies
    Leadership Fellows—Thought leaders or change-makers who facilitates application of contemplative interventions into real world settings
    Contemplative Fellow—Contemplative teachers and practitioners who engages in dialogue with scientists and scholars
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    Eligibility Criteria:
    • • Has made significant contributions to the mission and vision of the Mind & Life Institute and more broadly to contemplative sciences, studies and practice through her/his scholarship, activities and influence.
    • • Is or has been involved with the Mind & Life Institute.
      • • Has been an invited presenter at a Mind & Life program (Dialogue, Summer Research Institute, International Symposium or legacy program).
      • • Has served on a Mind & Life committee (program planning, grant review, Steering Council, board, etc.).
      • • Has partnered or collaborated on a Mind & Life program or grant.
    • • Exemplifies qualities that align with the Mind & Life mission, vision, and core values (rigor, kindheartedness, integrity, synergy and community).
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