Please complete the following steps to finish your registration:

1.) Sign the Medical Waiver

Guests are reminded to be familiar with the Statement Regarding COVID-19 that is found on the guest website. Please sign the medical liability waiver for this event.

2.) Upload your Passport, Visa, and Photograph

For security purposes, the Private Office of the Dalai Lama has requested that all guests attending functions with His Holiness provide a clear scan or photograph of both their passport and Indian visa, as well as a clear and current square format head-and-shoulders photograph. This will be used for a security screening, as well as to create a security badge that you will need to enter the location of the Conversation in Dharamsala. In the interest of privacy and security, Mind & Life is providing a secure upload portal that will send these sensitive documents to us in an encrypted format. Please prepare these three files in JPEG or PDF format.

* * *
For more information, see the event website. Questions? Email Ellen Kellner, Events & Logistics Manager, at