Sunday, June 2 to Saturday, June 8, 2024
Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York

Steps to SRI 2024:

Register for SRI by April 15: 
During the registration process, you will be able to indicate any rooming preferences, allergies and/or medical concerns, plus any accessibility requirements. See below for registration fee details (covers all program fees, room, and three vegetarian meals per day.)

Plan your travels: 
How are you getting to Garrison, New York? See below for travel tips.

Arrival: Sunday, June 2nd 2:00-6:00 pm | Dinner will be served.
Departure: Saturday, June 8th prior to noon. | Breakfast will be served.

Prepare for your poster presentation: 
If you are presenting a poster at SRI, be on the lookout for details regarding the in-person poster session.

Start forming connections and sharing insights:  
In late-May, the SRI online platform will launch, allowing you to engage with all who will be attending SRI. This online platform will remain open after SRI, providing a space for continued connection and learning.

Be COVID-19 smart:
Before traveling to SRI, re-familiarize yourself with the Garrison Institute’s COVID-19 policy.

Enjoy the 21st Summer Research Institute! 
The Mind & Life team as well as the SRI faculty are looking forward to seeing you and co-creating an enriching week. See the “Garrison Institute’s Packing List & Info” section below.

Venue: The Garrison Institute, New York

The 2024 Summer Research Institute will be held at the beautiful and serene Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York (located 50 miles north of New York City in the Hudson River Valley). This 1923 four story building, which was originally a Capuchin monastery and seminary, was renovated in 2003 with the opening of the Garrison Institute. In addition to your lodging, Garrison provides three meals daily served in the dining hall. Garrison’s “famous kitchen” serves vegetarian meals, prepared with most of the ingredients from farms and producers in the Hudson Valley. If attendees would like to bring personal food items, there is access to refrigerated and dry storage in the central kitchen for any personal food items. In the kitchen and beyond, Garrison Institute maintains a commitment to sustainability.

As a historic property, accommodations at Garrison are modest (twin/single beds) with no air-conditioning. Transom windows, located above the doors, can be opened, allowing for air flow as needed. See photos of rooms here.

The Garrison Institute was designed for communal living. As such, attendees should expect shared rooming (up to two individuals per room). Note that each floor has communal binary bathrooms that include individual private shower stalls. Mind & Life supports an inclusive environment and encourages attendees to choose bathrooms that are comfortable for them based on how they identify. If you do not identify with one gender or have any concerns about shared, gender-binary rooming and/or bathrooms, please contact Mind & Life. Mind & Life will be happy to work out a comfortable solution for you.

If you have a disability and require accommodation in order to fully participate in this event, please contact Mind & Life. Note that the four story Garrison Institute building does not have elevator access to higher or lower levels. Only one ADA compliant accommodation is available at Garrison. This room is located on the main floor.

See below for more specifics regarding travel instructions and other Garrison tips. For more information about the Garrison Institute please visit their website:

Garrison Institute’s COVID-19 Policy

As per the current requirements of the Garrison Institute, all guests, teachers, and staff are required to self-test (at home antigen test is acceptable) within the 48-hour window prior to arriving for a retreat on site, and to bring a 2nd self-test kit when coming on site. Be on the lookout for communication from the Garrison Institute 48 hours prior to SRI to complete their requirements. Mind & Life recommends that all attendees secure travel insurance that covers “cancel for any reason” and “trip interruption” to limit liability for costs associated with early departure or cancellation.

Traveling to the Garrison Institute

The Garrison Institute is located 50 miles (80.4 km) north of New York City and is accessible by both car and train (Metro North Railroad, Hudson Line). A complimentary, no-reservation-required van shuttle will run between the Garrison Train Station and the Garrison Institute 2:00-6:00 pm on Sunday, June 2 (arrival day) and the morning of Saturday, June 8 (departure day). See this informative travel guide for more details.

Ride Share &  Transportation Chat

If you are relying on Uber/Lyft, note that few services are available near Garrison and that you should reserve a car in advance.

GroupMe group chat: Do you have room in your car for another? Would you like to see if others are traveling your same route and would like to share a ride? Join the GroupMe group transportation chat.

Mind & Life knows that traveling to Garrison “is a journey”. Thank you!

Garrison Institute’s Packing List & Info

Learn more about the Garrison Institute’s policies and facilities, including a recommended packing list and details regarding the kitchen/meals. The “Communication” section in the linked document provides an emergency contact phone number. Note that “cell phone service is somewhat erratic in our building.” The same applies to wi-fi. Scroll to the bottom of their document for a “Checklist for Guests.”

Registration Fees

The registration fee for the Summer Research Institute covers all program fees, accommodations at the Garrison Institute for 6 nights (Sun, June 2-Sat, June 8), and three vegetarian meals per day starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with breakfast on Saturday. Each participant is expected to cover his/her/their own travel expenses. The registration fee will also provide participants access to video recordings of all plenary and panel sessions from the event for at least 6 months after the event.

$815 for Established Participants: Researchers (across the sciences and humanities), contemplative teachers, and changemakers (professionals, policymakers, leaders, activists), and those interested in this topic, who have held faculty appointments or positions for more than five years.

$585 for Emerging Participants: Students (undergraduate and graduate), postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty (researchers across the sciences and humanities), early-career changemakers and professionals, and contemplative practitioners within five years of appointment or beginning work in the field.

Scholarships: Application for the Summer Research Institute scholarships is now closed. Scholarship recipients are notified of their awards, including funding amounts, as part of the general application decision letters.

Got questions? Contact