Dr. Yulia Golland is an Assistant Professor in the Sagol Center for Brain and Mind, at Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, IDC, Herzliya. Her research is broadly focused on the physiological substrates of interpersonal interaction, and combines physiological measures (fMRI, ANS) and real-life social set-ups. In particular, she is interested in the role of the physiological and behavioral interpersonal synchrony in social interactions. Her work has been published in distinguished journals in the field of neuroscience and biological psychology and presented in neuroscience conferences. Past and current research projects in the lab include synchronization of autonomic signals between individuals in social emotional contexts, neural attunement to interpersonal emotional feedback, interpersonal synchrony in autistic individuals, physiological mechanisms of emotional transmissions, the physiological effects of the mere co-presence, and physiological markers of togetherness.

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