My main research interests and current endeavours are focused on the neuropsychophysiological mechanisms through which mind-body interventions such as mindfulness impact behavior related to maladaptive emotion regulation. My research background during my graduate studies was centered on studying the neurobiology of mindfulness and emotion regulation using functional MRI, which showed that mindfulness regulates emotion by targeting specific affect-related brain circuitries, and that enhanced meditation experience was related to differences in the organization of a brain network involved in mind-wandering. Later, my PhD thesis’ results showed that mindfulness meditation experience was related to an attenuation (at a neuropsychophysiological level) of the influence of negative emotional states (fear and pain), supporting the implementation of mindfulness in treating disorders involving cyclical and perpetuating interactions between fear and pain (eg. anxiety, chronic pain). As an independent researcher at Bishop’s University (Quebec), I was involved in leading research projects on the effects of contemplative practice on the psychophysiology of emotion and the experience of past trauma. Currently, as a post-doctoral researcher with Dr. Judson Brewer, my work is focused on projects related to reinforcement-learning mechanistic frameworks underlying the impact of mindfulness on addictive behavior, and examining the neural correlates of mindfulness using combined neuroimaging modalities.

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