Tadashi Nishihira’s research interests have focused upon studies of human life cycle and spirituality. His recent interests include the Japanese traditional wisdom of human transformation. Nishihira’s main publications (in Japanese) include: Philosophy and Psychology of E. H. Erikson (University of Tokyo Press, 1993); Spiritual life-cycle in the work of Jung, Wilber, and Steiner (University of Tokyo Press, 1997); Inquiries into Psychology of Religion (co-editor) (University of Tokyo Press, 2001); Philosophical Investigation into the Zeami’s teaching of Exercise and Expertise (University of Tokyo Press, 2009); Care and Human Life (ed.), (Minerva-shobo, 2013); Dynamism of Mu-shin: No-mind-ness (Iwanami-gendai-sosho, 2014); Mysteries of Death and Birth in Childhood, (Misuzu-shobo, 2015); Japanese translation of E. H. Erikson’s Young Man Luther (Misuzu shobo, 2002); and Identity and Lifecycle (Seishin shobo, 2011). His teaching experiences include serving as a professor at Kyoto University from 2007 to present, associate professor at The University of Tokyo from 1997 through 2007, and associate professor at Rikkyo University in Tokyo between 1990 and 1997.

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