Sarah N. Ssali, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Dean, School of Gender Studies (Makerere University) where Gendered Identities, Masculinities and Men’s Studies are taught. She is also the Director, ARUA Centre of Excellence in Notions of Identity in Africa. She is a Social Scientist with a PhD in International Health Studies. She has vast research experience as Principal or co-Principal Investigator, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods and designs including surveys, stepped wedge designs, social networks analysis, ethnographic methods, life histories, narratives. She has researched and published in health systems, health financing, HIV and AIDS, post conflict settings, hidden behaviours, minorities, institutionalised identities, state policy and practice. She also trained in Stepping Stones. Gender and ethics underpin her work. She teaches Gender and the State, Research Methods, Fundamentals of Social Science and Health and Institutions and social transformation, including how certain behaviours and identities become normalized and dominant.

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