Prof. Harris is a social neuroscientist who takes an interdisciplinary approach to understand human behaviour. His research explores the neural correlates of person perception, prejudice, dehumanization, anthropomorphism, social learning, social emotions, empathy, and punishment. This research addresses questions such as: How do we see people as less than human, and non-human objects as human beings? How do we modulate affective responses to people? How do we decide right from wrong?

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2018 Summer Research Institute Session

Flexible Social Cognition and Dehumanisation

Lasana Harris

Topics: Brain & Cognitive Science | Self & Other

2018 Summer Research Institute Session

Interdisciplinary Panel From Becoming Human to Dehumanization

Moderators: Carol Worthman
Panel: Lasana Harris, Polly Young Eisendrath, Robert Roeser, Carol Worthman