I am both a research scholar and a social changemaker. I am particularly interested in educational philosophy, classroom pedagogy, and teacher professional development. My current work focuses on alternative purposes of education like learning to live together, education for social emotional learning, education of the heart and education of the spirit. I am particularly interested in classroom and school wide practices, systems and ethos, interventions and policies in the global south that bring about learning to live together. My previous work focused on cognitive development in children, while I still remain interested in exploring the links between social emotional learning and cognitive development.

I am also involved in grassroots level change in India and work on improving access to quality education (as the cofounder of two charities: Independent Thought & Social Action and Together In Development & Education Foundation) and for social emotional learning (as a consultant for multiple organizations). As the president of TIDE Foundation, I oversee several programs including direct education provision, teacher education and empowerment, school improvement, and development of self-directed learning materials. Furthermore, I have also served as an education and international development consultant supporting various Indian and global educational organizations.

This profile was last updated on November 29, 2021

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